What if the student has a medical condition/allergies/dietary requirement?

You must advise of your students' dietary/medical requirements at the time of booking on the Redwing Booking Form. This is very important so that we can pass on vital information to our Centre Staff in good time.

Where does the student store medicine?

Medicines can be stored at the centre and refrigerated if necessary. Please inform us before travel and the student with details of the dosage and administration requirements. Please note students are responsible for their own medication.

What if the student becomes homesick?

We understand that some students are homesick when they first arrive in England. Redwing recommends that parents discourage their student from calling home too often at this time and try to persuade them to speak to someone at the Centre. Individual students will be looked after by the Senior Welfare Leader/Head of Pastoral Care – who will assist the student to settle in, introduce them to other students and answer any questions they may have. If the student cannot overcome their homesickness and wants to return home, we will assist them in any way we can to make their return home as stress-free as possible.

What happens if a student becomes ill?

Our staff will deal with any minor illnesses/incidents on site – however if a student requires medical attention our staff will accompany them to a doctor/hospital for consultation. Parents will of course be informed if we have to take this course of action.