Parent Area

Parent Area:

Does my son/daughter require a visa to travel to the UK?

Students travelling from the European Union to the UK will not need a visa. Students travelling to the UK from the rest of the world may require a visa. Please check and then specify at the time of booking, Redwing will provide you with a signed and stamped visa letter to give to your local embassy.

Who will be looking after my son/daughter?

To ensure the safety and supervision there will always be:

  • At least 1 Redwing Activity Leader per 20 students on excursions/activities
  • 1 Teacher per 10 students
  • 1 adult per 10 students in the residences
  • In each centre there is:

    • Centre Director
    • Director of Studies
    • Head of Pastoral Care
    • Head of Sports & Activities
    • Senior Welfare Leaders
    • Redwing Activities Leaders
    • EFL Teachers

When will I receive contact and location details for the student's course?

Redwing will provide full contact details for the chosen course location, as well as full Mergency contact details for Redwing Head office approximately 2 weeks before arrival and only after full payment has been received by Redwing for the student's course.

Which day should my son/daughter arrive and depart?

Both arrival and departure days are Sunday.

Will students be met at the airport?

Yes, all Redwing programmes include a 'Meet & Greet' service. This ensures that our students receive a warm welcome at arrivals, and are placed onto their transfers, and the same on their return journey, where they will be checked in and seen into departures.

How does my son/daughter travel to the university from the airport?

Redwing include return airport transfers in all of their courses. Transport is provided by reputable companies which have been audited. All coaches are fitted with seat-belts.

Groups of students will travel by coach. Individual students will be met and have a private transfer to the centre. Please ensure that we have your student's flight arrival and departure details in good time so that we can arrange a Meet and Greet service and transfers in plenty of time before your student arrives.

Can my son/daughter make their own way to the centre?

Parents may prefer to take their children to the chosen Redwing university location. Please advise us at the time of booking if you intend to do this so we can advise our Centre staff of an approximate time for your arrival.

How can I contact my son/daughter whilst they are on a Redwing course?

Each centre has a parent emergency contact telephone number and you should try this first. Alternatively, our friendly and professional Head Office staff are available during office hours and are always happy to help in any way they can.

How is student conduct managed?

Redwing expects every student to be respectful and well behaved. Students who do not behave well can be asked to leave the course.

How will Redwing check progress?

At end of each course your son/daughter will be tested on their progress, which is then mapped against their original score to show their improvements made whilst with Redwing. There is a certificate on departure. All marking is undertaken by their teachers.

Are courses suitable for students who speak only a little English?

Students should have a minimum IELTS score of 5.0 so that they can participate fully in lessons and will gain maximum benefit from the UniLife tuition.

What activities/trips will they have?

There are many different morning and afternoon activities for your son/daughter on the course. Take a look at the locations for more details. Evening activities will vary depending on the centre, below is a list of example activities:

Talent Show, Culture Show, Blind Date, Disco, Games Evening, Sports Tournaments, Casino, Film Evenings and many more…

We will also arrange University campus visits in both the UK and US.

Redwing trips include VIP entrance to attractions (where available) and a West End show in the UK and a Broadway show in the US.

How long is the course?

Course are for 2 weeks, however this is regularly extended to 3 and 4 week courses. Please speak to your agent or Redwing for extra weeks.

What can my student expect from the English course?

Courses are designed to help students increase their knowledge of English grammar, vocabulary and confidence in using English and to really help improve communication skills. English classroom activities include role-play, pair-work, group-work, group projects, surveys, questionnaires and games.

On the first day of lessons there is a placement test to determine their level of English. From there they are divided into four levels of ability and are taught accordingly, using course books specifically designed for their level.

Students will be taught in a maximum of 10 class size.

Redwing will provide all necessary course materials (your son/daughter should bring pens, pencils

Are all Redwing teachers qualified?

Yes, Redwing teachers are qualified professionals, and are qualified to work at British Council accredited schools, with the majority holding a Trinity Certificate or Cambridge CELTA teaching qualification. All our teachers work very hard to provide interesting and fun language lessons. They take pride in providing a premium experience.

Where does my son/daughter store medicine?

Medicines can be stored at the centre and refrigerated if necessary. Please inform us before travel and the student with details of the dosage and administration requirements. Please note students are responsible for their own medication.

My son/daughter has special dietary requirements, what should I do?

We will do our best to cater for any special dietary requirements. Please make your agents aware of these at the time of booking.

What is the accommodation like?

All Redwing University centres are residences.

Students can be placed with their friends or other students from their group. Alternatively, some students may like to mix internationally. We will always try and accommodate any requests.

Will the students be in same sex rooms/blocks?

We always divide male and female students up in the accommodation, including the bathroom facilities. The average room has a ratio of 1:6.

Will they have internet access?

Centres have Wi-Fi. Most internet is limited to computer rooms.

We advise students not to bring laptops, and we encourage students to limit their use of internet, to maximise their experience at Redwing.

What meals are provided for my son/daughter?

All courses are full board. Your son/daughter will have:

  • Continental breakfast which may include: cereal, toast, fruit, yoghurt & fruit juice
  • Plated lunch when on the campus, and a voucher will be provided on excursion days
  • Plated evening meal at the centre

What food can students expect?

Each centre will vary slightly, however we always ensure that there are a variety of choices, with healthy nutritious food.

What time will the students have to go to bed?

In Redwing Education centres, all students must be back in their rooms at 22:00, with lights out at 22:30.

Can I send my son/daughter money?

It is possible for the parents to send money. Please contact Redwing head office. This should only be used in emergencies.

How does my son/daughter keep their belongings safe?

We advise that students bring a lockable suitcase. In addition, all centres have a safe. We recommend that students to do not bring highly valuable items with them.

Who should my son/daughter speak to if they have a problem?

They should feel completely happy to speak to a teacher or and member of the Redwing team. All staff are there to help.

Can my son/daughter do laundry?

Bed linen is washed by the centre every week. Some students will be given a laundry bag where the washing will be done by the centre, and others will have access to laundry facilities. Redwing provides washing power, but in some cases students are required to use a coin to operate the machine.

What will the weather be like?

We hope the sun will be shining every day! However, we advise students to bring a waterproof coat.

What happens if my son/daughter becomes ill?

Redwing Education staff will deal with any minor illnesses/incidents on site – however if your student requires medical attention our staff will accompany them to a doctor/hospital for consultation. Parents will of course be informed if we have to take this course of action.

Can my son/daughter bring a laptop?

We discourage students from bringing expensive luxury items, and due to our full activity programme, students will have limited time to use their own laptops or computers. However, if students choose to bring this with them, then please ensure they have adequate insurance to cover the items.

What if my son/daughter has a medical condition/allergies/dietary requirement?

Please advise of their dietary/medical requirements at the time of booking. We will then inform the centre staff and ensure that your students' needs are catered for.

Does my son/daughter require a visa to travel to the USA?

Students travelling from the European Union to the USA, will need to apply on the ESTA web page on the following link, if their country is a part of the American visa waiver programme:

Any countries that are not part of the visa waiver programme with the USA, will have to apply for a tourist visa. Redwing will provide you with a signed and stamped visa application letter to give to your local embassy.

How much money should my son/daughter bring?

Redwing provides all that is needed so parents may like to provide them with enough for souvenirs and snacks.

Can my son/daughter bring their mobile phone?

Yes, however they should be aware of the high overseas calling cost. We discourage students from bring expensive luxury items.

What if my son/daughter becomes homesick?

We understand that some students can become homesick when they first arrive in overseas. Redwing recommends that parents discourage their student from calling home too often at this time and try to persuade them to speak to someone at the Centre.

Individual students will be looked after by the Senior Welfare Leader/Head of Pastoral Care – who will assist the student to settle in, introduce them to other students and answer any questions they may have. Senior Welfare Leader/Head of Pastoral Care will monitor the student and generally take care of them. If students are part of a group, the group leader will assume these duties.

If the student cannot overcome their homesickness and wants to return home, we will assist them in any way we can to make the experience less traumatic.