Student Support

Student Support:

Are there payphones on site?

Most of our centres will have pay phones on site for students to use. Please ask a Redwing member of staff, who will show students to the nearest pay phone.

How much money should students bring?

Redwing does not recommend that students bring too much pocket money. Parents may like to provide them with enough for souvenirs and snacks. Students will need to take responsibility for his or her spending money. Each centre will have a safe, but we also advise students to bring a lockable suitcase for extra security.

Is there security on sites?

24-hour security in our residential centres, as well as Redwing staff on site.

How can the parents contact their child whilst at Redwing?

Each centre has a parent contact telephone and fax number. Alternatively, our friendly and professional Head Office staff are available during office hours and are always happy to help in any way they can. Parents should contact the centre emergency number.

Is there a safe?

Yes, each centre has a safe on site. Only the centre director and senior members of staff will have access to this.

Are ATMs available?

ATM facilities are on site or within walking distance, and students can use ATMs whilst out on excursions, however it is not advisable to rely on this as the only form of access to spending money. Please contact your bank to notify them of the trip abroad.

Can parents send money?

Yes, it is possible for the parents to send money. Please contact Redwing or the agency the course was booked through. This should only be used in emergencies.

How many members of Redwing staff are there?

As part of the Ardmore Group, Redwing prides itself on carefully selected centre staff, many of which have worked with us year on year. To ensure the safety and supervision there will always be:

  • At least 1 Redwing Activity Leader per 20 students on excursions/activities
  • 1 teacher in class at all times
  • 1 adult per 20 students in residences
In each Redwing Summer Education centre there is:
  • Centre Director
  • Director of Studies
  • Head of Pastoral Care
  • Head of Sports & Activities
  • Senior Welfare Leaders
  • Ardmore Activities Leaders
  • EFL Teachers

Is there internet access?

All of our centres have internet access; however, this will vary from centre to centre. We advise students not to bring laptops, and we encourage students to limit their use of internet, to maximise their experience at a Redwing school.

Can students bring their mobile phone?

Yes, students can bring a mobile phone, however they should always contact their phone provider to check roaming and call costs for their UK or US stay.