Why Redwing?

Redwing Education (part of Ardmore Language Schools) wants to provide "aspiration and inspiration" to students (age 14-19) and parents who want to unlock their potential for the future. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Ardmore Language Schools Ltd. who are specialists in language travel courses for junior students, with 30 years' experience in the industry.

Ardmore Language Schools are accredited by The British Council, which serves to enforce the high standards and quality of all of our courses. The welfare and safety of our students is our number one priority and we have dedicated welfare staff to ensure this in each of our locations.

Redwing Education is a premium, university immersion brand, aimed at providing motivated students with something a little out of the ordinary, an enhanced and inspirational taste of university life at some of the best universities in the UK and US, whilst enjoying the benefits of a General English summer course.

Why are Redwing programmes so special?

* Premium University locations in UK and US in July and August: Oxford University, King's College London, Bath University, Yale University, UC Berkeley
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* Over 30 years' experience in student education and care via the Ardmore Language Schools brand

* Maximum 10 students per class - 4 hours per day (2 hours General English plus 2 hours UniLife tuition)

* Meal vouchers for excursions - no packed lunches on a Redwing programme!

* Interaction with University students and lecturers

* Uni-Life Course (Unique and exclusive to Redwing)
Our summer programme not only uses our unique Online Learning Platform, including IELTS preparation and practice exercises, to teach the course, we also teach via our 'Uni-Life' project work. Working in groups, and with the support of an undergraduate, our students will undertake university style project work to help them not only with their learning of the English language, but also to gain more knowledge about the university experience. Students have access to the Online Learning Platform before for up to a month before they arrive, and they could continue their studies for up to 6 months after they leave*, ensuring they achieve the maximum benefit from their time with us.

Uni-Life programme week 1

Uni-Life programme week 2

* Return transfers included

* Full excursion and activity programme including 4 full day excursions during 2 week course including a visit to other University campuses

* Fastrack London Eye (UK programmes only)

* International Guest speakers

Redwing Education is proud to help shape the lives of our students and to inspire them culturally, and to develop real aspirations for studying abroad in the future. We will encourage our students to develop life skills through study and play in a friendly, secure, exciting environment.

Our programmes are designed to unlock the potential of our students to encourage them to aim high in the future. We believe that time spent in on our campuses, during our excursions and in our classrooms, will open their eyes to the possibilities in the future.

Redwing Education offers the experience of a lifetime in the most prestigious UK and US University locations. Students at Redwing Summer immerse themselves in their studies and experience the unique academic life of a University, both inside and outside the classroom.

Being a student at Redwing Education is about reaching your potential, and progressing with not only your English, but in all aspects of learning. With progress updates, and the chance to improve your IELTS score, you will leave with a real sense of achievement.

Making lasting new friendships, trying exciting new activities and visiting some of the top attractions as VIPs will make this a life-changing experience.

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A Redwing student's day starts with a healthy breakfast, to ensure that they have the energy to be able to focus on their studies in the morning. Firstly, it's General English ensuring that they understand the key workings of the English language – speaking, listening, reading and writing.

After a break, our students study during our unique 'Uni Life' course, which is the unique Redwing course designed to allow them to experience what it is like to be a university student, and to immerse themselves in 'Uni Life'. Using the exclusive Redwing online learning platform, they work on projects and get a chance to work in a team.

After all that study, our students deserve a great lunch, and all Redwing students choose a hot plated meal from a wide variety of food available in the restaurant on campus.

The afternoon begins with a visit from an International speaker to inspire our students further to reach their goals and to explain how education allows them to fulfill their potential.

The afternoon ends with IELTS training to maximise our students' progress, and then it's time for a hot dinner in the restaurant and some relaxing time. This evening's activity is Disco night, and it's a great way for them to spend time with their new friends and to let your hair down before going to bed for a good night's sleep, which they will need before tomorrow's full day of lessons and activities!